MA Web Design & Content Planning

Content Management: Schedule

The course schedule gives an overview of the timetable, weekly topics and submission dates for this course. There may be occasional changes, so check back frequently.

Full-time & part-time, first year students

2018-19 Session
16th Jan 20192014The Behavioural Layer
24th Jan 20192014Major Project
30th Jan 20192014JavaScript Libraries
6th Feb 2019 2014Content Strategy
13th Feb 2019 2014The .htaccess file and other oddities
13th Feb 20192014PHP for Site Modularity
20th Feb 2019 2014PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Content
20th Feb 2019 2014CMS with PHP and MySQL
27th Feb 20192014Major Project
6th Mar 20192014Accessibility *

* Small Business Website (revisited) - interim crit

A schedule for seminars will be provided.

Seminar schedule

6th February (AM)

Kirsty = Page Load Speed
Dan = Progressive Web Apps
Felix = CSS Pre-Processors
Sasha = CSS Animation

13th February (AM)

Agnes = Will PWAs replace native apps?
Matteo = Atomic Design
Jo = Best tools for wireframing

20th February (AM)

Andriana = CSS Custon Properties
Aisha = Web Components
Bish = SVGs

20th February (PM)

Prabin = CSS Vendor Prefixes
Jalloh = What is Version Control and GIT
Alice = Responsive Images

Submission Dates:
Seminar Slides and Article - 22nd March 2019
Small Business Website (revisited) - 22nd March 2019

All face-to-face sessions are 3 hours long and take place on Wednesdays. Morning sessions begin at 10.00am and afternoon sessions at 2.00pm.

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