MA Web Design & Content Planning

Design for Web Content: Resources

General resources

There are literally hundreds of good web design sites on the web but a few are outstanding with excellent content added on a regular basis. I recommend that you read both A LIST Apart and Smashing Magazine regularly.

Learning HTML and CSS

Class resources

Class 01 links ~ What is web design?

Class 02 links ~ Web design process, context and personalities

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Detective Tools

Domain Name Registration

Web Hosting

Class 03 links ~ The structural layer - HTML

Video tutorials

Class 04 links ~ The presentation layer - CSS

Class 05 links ~ Images and colour with CSS

Interactive Colour Pickers

Images and CSS

Class 06 links ~ CSS Typography


Font Services

Class 07 links ~ Structural elements and page layout

CSS Positioning and Floats

Video tutorials

Grid-based page design

Lists for Navigation

CSS Image Rollovers

Information Architecture

Website Navigation

Tabbed Navigation Design

Class 08 links ~ Navigation and fun with CSS3

Video tutorials

Week 09 links ~ HTML5 - Are we there yet?

Week 10 links ~ Responsive Web Design

Class 11 links ~ The behavioural layer - introduction to JavaScript


The DOM (document object model)

Class 12 links ~ jQuery for designers

jQuery (a JavaScript framework/library)

Video tutorials

Creating a jQuery accordion menu/navigation