MA Web Design & Content Planning

Design for Web Content: Schedule

The course schedule gives an overview of the timetable, weekly topics and submission dates for this course. There may be occasional changes, so check back frequently.

Full-time & part-time, first year students

2018-19 Session
26th Sep 20182014Content Out and Code Semantics
26th Sep 20182014Web Design and Industry Context
3rd Oct 20182014The Structural Layer
10th Oct 20182014The Presentation Layer
17th Oct 20182014CSS Typography
24th Oct 20182014Images and Colour
31st Oct 20182014Navigation and Advanced Selectors
7th Nov 20182014Page Layout
14th Nov 20182014Responsive Web Design

All face-to-face sessions are 3 hours long and take place on Wednesdays. Morning sessions begin at 10.00am and afternoon sessions at 2.00pm.

See the full programme teaching schedule for an overview of all courses.

Submission Dates:
Three Designed Objects - 16th November 2018
Small Business Website - 18th January 2019