MA Web Design & Content Planning

Major Project: Schedule

The course schedule gives an overview of the timetable, weekly topics and submission dates for this course. There may be occasional changes, so check back frequently.

Full-time & part-time, second year students

2018-19 Session
26th Sep 20182014Other courses
3rd Oct 20182014Final presentations (from 2pm)
13th Oct 20182014Other courses
13th Oct 20182014Other courses
31st Oct 20182014Introduction (from 5pm)
1st Nov 20182014Other courses
8th Nov 20182014Other courses
15th Nov 20182014Other courses
21st Nov 20182014Concept - informal presentations
28th Nov 20182014Social Media & SEO
5th Dec 20182014Social Media & SEO
12th Dec 20182014Crit #1 - Business/Cultural Context
Winter vacation
16th Jan 20192014Other courses *
23rd Jan 20192014Crit #2 - Commodity
30th Jan 20192014Other courses
6th Feb 20192014Other courses
13th Feb 20192014Content Management
20th Feb 20192014Content Management
27th Feb 20192014Crit #3 - Firmness
6th Mar 20192014Other courses
13th Mar 20192014User Experience Design
20th Mar 20192014User Experience Design
27th Mar 20192014Applied Art for the Web
3rd Apr 20192014Crit #4 - Delight
Spring vacation
1st May 20192014Crit #5 - Prototype
Summer Period †† **
20th Sep 2019OnlineSubmit analysis report ***
2nd Oct 20192014Final presentations
18th Oct 2019OnlineSubmit final project report ****
21st Nov 2019TBCExternal examiner (Date TBC)

Project sub-reports are required one week after each crit except as follows:
* Submit research report (PDF online).
** Submit implementation and promotion report one week after site launch (PDF online).
*** Submit analysis report (PDF online).
**** Submit final project report (PDF online).

At this time, websites should be independently hosted with their own domain name. It is recommended that a hosting solution and domain name registration be organised well ahead of this date.
†† During this period, websites will evolve from prototype to feature-complete. They should be monitored for site traffic, revenue etc. The implementation and analysis report will be published at the end of this period. Any additions, adjustments or improvements to the site should be made as required after launch.

All face-to-face sessions are 3 hours long and take place on Wednesdays. Morning sessions begin at 10.00am and afternoon sessions at 2.00pm.

Notable dates for completing students only

21st September 2018: Submit analysis report (online).
3rd October 2018: Final presentations (from 2pm).
19th October 2018: Submit final report (online).
22nd November 2018: Interview with external examiner (TBC).

See the full programme teaching schedule for an overview of all courses.