MA Web Design & Content Planning

User Experience Design: Schedule

The course schedule gives an overview of the timetable, weekly topics and submission dates for this course. There may be occasional changes, so check back frequently.

Full-time & part-time, first year students

2018-19 Session
13th Mar 2019 (AM)2014UX Research [1]
13th Mar 2019 (PM)2014UX Research [2]
20th Mar 2019 (AM)2014UX Design [1]
20th Mar 2019 (PM)2014UX Design [2]

Submission Date:
Marketing Report - 19th April 2019

All face-to-face sessions are 3 hours long and take place on Wednesdays. Morning sessions begin at 10.00am and afternoon sessions at 2.00pm.

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