The Traffic Ranking website lets you find the rank of any website which interests you according to various criteria:

- Unique Visitors (31,316)
- Visits (55,752)
- Page Views (83,244)
- Links (14,446)

The figures for the University of Greenwich are in brakets above.

It is interesting to view the top of the list according to the various criteria. In terms of Page Views it is:

1) Yahoo
2) MSN
3) Google
4) Ebay

But in terms of Visits 3 of the top 5 places belong to Microsoft (with Yahoo and Google having the other two).

Quite how and why obtains this information is something of a mystery. I found the site through Adwords: why do they spend the money - to support their web hosting service?

Having just processed a request from the Links Administrator at I checked on the rankings. World-Stay come in at 40,488 (ranked by Page View) and I come in at 121,921. Seems like an OK deal for me but it surprised me that its worth their paying a person to administer their links in this way.

Just in case anyone is interested come in at 426,099. I think it would pay them to appoint a Links Administrator but don't quote me.