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    The integration of Google Books with Google eBooks continues and I guess they will become one 'product' before too long. Yesterday, the selection options on Google Books changed from:
    All Books/Preview/Full View
    Preview Available/Google eBooks/Free Google eBooks
    So you have to go to Advanced Search in order to distinguish between Preview and Full View. This must be a way of promoting the eBooks.
    I was looking up a book I own last week (published in 1842) - and found myself reading it on Google Books instead of on paper because of the enormous convenience of a full text search. I obviously would not do this for fiction - but I watched a girl stepping out of a tube train yeserday while continuing to read from her Kindle. She could have done it with a paper book but it would not have been so easy, because of the need for two hands to keep the thing open. These small indicators point to a big future for eBooks, quite apart from the fact that a Tablet can also be used for email/games/magazines/reports etc.

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    The change was only there for a couple of days! It could have been a test which failed or a trial run for a future change. Who knows?

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