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    Hi David

    I was just wondering what your thoughts are on template builders such as Artisteer.

    I am building my salon site on Wordpress. I came across this template builder which comes highly recommended and also editable.

    Will this be frowned upon if I used it to build the salon site?



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    Hi David - I'm not in a position to answer your question, but I've had a (very) quick look at the code on their home page and it isn't something I would want to submit. It uses tables for layout, and it has a lot of bloated and meaningless code - empty span tags etc. There are no header tags. I found one deprecated tag (<center>) and lots of instances of <br> being used for page layout. Also, the alt text they have used is meaningless: <alt="artisteer"> has been used for everything. Not pretty!

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    Hi Tom thanks for looking into this. I wasn't aware that it was so messy! David

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