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Thread: We're all 'professionals' now

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    Default We're all 'professionals' now

    I was reading an article about a small game development studio, Project Zomboid, who lost their source code (and backup) when two laptops were stolen from a flat.


    I think one of the key points made in the article was this:

    The distinction between independent and corporate development seems to have been lost in the wake of growing quantities of indie success stories.
    It made me think about our own projects, particularly where money is concerned. It doesn't matter if you're a small operator, working out of a spare room somewhere, if you take people's money then they will expect you to behave in the same way as any other online business.

    I'm not suggesting that any of our e-commerce projects should have the resources and infrastructure of Amazon, any more than I would have expected Project Zomboid to have the resources and infrastructure of EA. What I do think we should consider is what people would expect of us if one of our projects took off.

    I think what Project Zomboid were lacking was the understanding that their hobby had become their business, and they didn't take appropriate steps to look after it.

    I found it very interesting, and also very sad, because it's so easy to see how they got themselves in this position.

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    I like your use of the word 'professional'. It should be a code for doing a decent job for a decent price, for taking pride in the job and acting honestly. What more could one ask!

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