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Thread: browser problem, huuuuuuuge broblem!

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    Default browser problem, huuuuuuuge broblem!

    I just posted a thread about problem with my background image and got even bigger problem now: my website works as i designed it only on my laptop. When i open in on big one, its all wrongly positioned! They both are Mac's and both browsers and Firefox. Big one does not even show the round corners. Does that means now that all weeks work has gone down the drain??


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    I am not quite sure what you mean by wrongly positioned but try to set your wrapper div to have its left and right margins to auto and remove position:absolute; if you want the page centred in any browser or machine.
    The edges look round to me - you two Firefox browsers might be different versions. Just in case try sticking a -moz- in front of your border-radius: 15px; declaration.

    I hope that helps.

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    I have fixed now the height of the div so its not hanging out the wrapper any more. But I wouldn't of know it if I only had one computer... Also managed to fix the void around bakground image. Gota check out now what is -moz- Thank you!

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