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Thread: Boxmodel ordering???

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    Default Boxmodel ordering???

    Can you reorder div's in CSS somehow?? My background "hover" is behind the middle columns (because it is behind the column in HTML i guess??). Is there any way to position div's back or forward, kind of you can do at PowerPoint, "send back-bring forward" option. As if I change the order at HTML the footer starts to play up and wont stick at the bottom of the page. Or is there something else I am still doing wrong??
    I could just remove the "background hover" but ...

    Pls refer to:
    (see the left navigation panel)

    Any comments?? Any help??

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    It is possible to change the display order using z-index but this only works if the element is positioned absolute, relative or fixed. See here for details: http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2...ehensive-look/
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