What is BBCode?
BBCode is a way of adding text formatting and other things to your post messages. For example, you can use BBCode to embolden or italicise text.

How does it work?
BBCode works in just the same way as HTML. It uses opening and closing tags to enclose the text to which formatting is to be applied. The main difference between BBCode and HTML is that BBCode tags use square brackets and the range of tags is very much limited.

What can I do with BBCode?

You can embolden text:

= Bold

You can italicise text:

= Italic

You can underline text:

= Underline

You can either type the BBCode tags yourself or you can use the buttons above the message composition area to add it. In many cases, it may be easiest to add the tags as you type but the buttons are useful if you forget the tag syntax or if you have a lot of formatting to do. To add BBCode using the buttons, simply click-and-drag to highlight the text you want to format and then click on the appropriate button - just like using a word processor.

You can also nest BBCode tags for added effect. For example, you can create bold italic text by nesting the bold and italic tags:

= Bold Italic

What else can I do with BBCode?
You can add hyperURLs to your posts. See How do I add a URL to a Post? for details.
You can add images to your posts. See How do I add an Image to a Post? for details.

See [doHTML]BBCode Help[/doHTML] for full details.