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    100+ Years of Design Manifestos

    Since the days of radical printer-pamphleteers, design and designers have a long history of fighting for what’s right and working to transform society. The rise of the literary form of the manifesto also parallels the rise of modernity and the spread of letterpress printing.

    This list of design manifestos was buried in a previous post but deserves its own permalink. The original list was largely drawn from Mario Piazza’s presentation at the Più Design Può conference in Florence, though I’ve edited and added to it. I’ve also incorporated links where I was able to find them.

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    Thanks Mark, this is fantastic. The Manifesto for Agile Software Development was interesting: 'agile' is such a corrupted, misused term, but seeing it in its original form made me appreciate it, rather than recoil from it.

    The Cult of Done Manifesto may have immediately and irrevocably changed my life.

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    Dear Tom I give the Cult on the Done Manifesto to all my students and sometimes it does get things done...!

    I hope you are OK? and having recently been in a similar situation I understand. I am looking forward to the next stage of site and I am sure it will be delightful.

    All the best


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    Outside of work and university, I'm terrible at getting things done. I tend to get them 95% done and then never get round to the final 5%, which is normally nothing important anyway. I've printed out the manifesto and the poster and stuck them on the wall by my desk.

    Yes, I'm ok - thank you for asking. It's not been a particularly good week, but not every week can be! I'm glad I came in to do the presentation though; my commodity presentation a couple of weeks ago wasn't very good, but Wednesday felt like I'd managed to get back on track.

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