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Thread: Overdoing SEO?

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    Default Overdoing SEO?

    See: http://www.seroundtable.com/google-o...ate-14887.html

    Even more reason to create high quality, frequently updated content ...

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    Thanks James, good to know!

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    thanks for that, James, another argument to put forward to clients ;)

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    Thank you James. Fantastic news.

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    This is excellent news and will hopefully push focus back to providing great content. If site owners and content editors can focus on optimising their content for their users then the Search Engines can concentrate on optimising their bots to understand content more like users. Everybody wins, except SEO scammers... so everybody wins!

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    Companies such as the Web Marketing Group, offer a link building service:

    Within the industry, these guys are well thought of, BUT link building is done purely to manipulate search results, which Google disapproves of. They will do the link building (paying for links?) regardless of the quality of the content. So they are on shaky ground offering this service.

    By all means market a website. But make sure the content is good enough that people will want to link to it unprompted and without payment or other incentive.

    Links remain of vital importance. But only those which are the result of great content. Great content will attract the links if it is good enough.

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