MA Web Design + Content Planning

User experience design


This page contains links to all the resources you may need for this module.

The presentation slides are from Steph’s UX Research workshop.

The videos and work sheets are intended to be used together and form a single self-directed course that replaces Chris Howe’s one-day workshop on UX Design that we missed due to the Covid-19 lockdown. The five videos should be viewed in sequence and in total they run to just over one hour. However, the course will take you longer than that to complete because there are activities associated with each stage. As Chris says in his introduction, this is not a race, take your time and have a break between each stage.


Files in this section are the slide decks for the lectures given on this module.

There are currently 11 files in this section

  Filename Size (KB) Date Modified
1-Introduction.pdf 939.1 17th Mar 2021
2-What is UXR.pdf 5,490.0 17th Mar 2021
3-Setting Research Objectives.pdf 272.8 17th Mar 2021
4-Methodology.pdf 578.1 17th Mar 2021
5-Research Methods.pdf 835.2 17th Mar 2021
6-Sampling.pdf 338.0 17th Mar 2021
7-The Craft of Questions.pdf 539.0 17th Mar 2021
8-Analysing Data.pdf 51.4 17th Mar 2021
9-Becoming a better researcher.pdf 1,296.5 17th Mar 2021
User Research Fundamentals 2022.pdf 9,917.7 28th Nov 2022
UX Design 2022.pdf 4,630.7 15th Dec 2022


Files in this section provide instructional videos for activities associated with this module.

There are currently 14 files in this section

  Filename Size (KB) Date Modified
1-0 Introduction.mp4 22,777.2 3rd Dec 2021
1-1 What is UXR.mp4 188,744.1 3rd Dec 2021
1-2 Setting research objectives.mp4 109,148.1 3rd Dec 2021
1-3 Methodology.mp4 88,511.6 3rd Dec 2021
1-4 Research Methods.mp4 262,873.8 3rd Dec 2021
1-5 Sampling.mp4 97,113.4 3rd Dec 2021
1-6 Craft of Questions.mp4 129,047.5 3rd Dec 2021
1-7 Analysing Data.mp4 32,843.0 3rd Dec 2021
1-8 Becoming a better researcher.mp4 153,116.8 3rd Dec 2021
2-0 Introduction to UX Design Workshop.mp4 98,096.0 3rd Dec 2021
2-1 What is UX Design.mp4 474,843.0 3rd Dec 2021
2-2 Analysis & Synthesis.mp4 242,765.4 3rd Dec 2021
2-3 Ideation & Sketching.mp4 137,974.5 3rd Dec 2021
2-4 Prototyping.mp4 475,005.1 3rd Dec 2021


Files in this section provide instructions or templates for activities associated with this module.

There are currently 5 files in this section

  Filename Size (KB) Date Modified
Design-Challenge.pdf 26.3 14th Apr 2020
Empathy-Map-Canvas.pdf 265.9 14th Apr 2020
Frame-and-Reframe.pdf 19.3 14th Apr 2020
Key-Content-Gathering.pdf 28.8 14th Apr 2020
Research-Canvas.pdf 25.3 15th Nov 2022