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The MA Web Design & Content Planning programme takes graduates from many disciplines and provides them with the hands-on skills necessary to plan, design, build and promote an effective website in relation to the needs of a business, profession, government office or organisation. The programme is also suitable for those who are considering a future in freelance web design. Applicants should have an interest in design and a working familiarity with the software employed in a modern office environment.

There are many web design courses in London but we are the only institution currently offering a post-graduate MA in this fast-evolving subject. See Programme details for more information.

Learning web design

The design of excellent websites presents a notable intellectual challenge and, during the programme, students develop a modern, professional and ‘real-world’ approach. Our objective is to provide a balanced education in the three main aspects of web design and content management: technical, functional and aesthetic. In addition, students will learn how to manage and promote websites and how to generate revenue from them. See Our philosophy for more information.

Talk Web Design 2014

Speakers and delegates put their hands in the air during Ben Foxall's excellent, interactive presentation for Talk Web Design 2014

The technical aspects of the programme provide an understanding of the wide range of tools, technologies and principles used for the design and development of contemporary websites. This includes the creation of semantically correct markup, the separation of presentation from content (HTML and CSS) and compliance with web standards (W3C).

The functional aspects focus on the creation of websites with good information architecture that are accessible, useable and findable as a result of effective search engine marketing and optimisation (SEM/SEO). Students learn how people use the web, how they navigate web content and how they search for information.

The aesthetic aspects of web design are considered in relation to graphic, artistic, typographic and business objectives, including corporate identity and branding. The architectural principle that form should follow function is relevant, not as a rule but because aesthetic considerations must be judged with regard to the technical and functional aspects of a website.

Student competence in these three aspects of web design is demonstrated by their delivery of a fully-functioning website for their Major Project at the end of the programme. See Core courses for more information.

We believe our programme is unique in offering a balanced blend of the technical, functional and aesthetic aspects of web design and we are the only university in London offering such a focused programme at masters level.

Flexible teaching mode

The timetable is designed to make it easy for those in full-time employment to attend the programme and students have the option of a full-time (one day per week) or part-time (one half day per week) mode of study. Although contact time is relatively short, students should be aware that there will be a substantial amount of course work, project work and reading to be completed in their own time. See Preparing for study for more information.


Typically, our students fall into three groups: those with web-related skills (often self-taught) who need a structured and balanced approach to further study; those who are involved with the web and need new skills to develop their present careers; those who have decided on a career change and see web design and content management as a new opportunity. See Our students for more information.


Ping, Mia and Kash graduating in 2010

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Most of our students tell us that the programme has exceeded their expectations, some say it has changed their lives. See Our students to find out more or visit our Facebook group to see what they're saying today.


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