MA Web Design + Content Planning

Location and attendance


All teaching for this programme is based at the new Stockwell Street building in the centre of Greenwich and close to the Maritime campus with some additional activities arranged online.


Greenwich is easily reachable by public transport but there is very limited car parking near the site. See Getting to Greenwich for information on public transport links to the campus.

Attendance and Term Dates

The programme is run in two ‘modes’; full-time and part-time. The full-time mode requires one day of attendance per week for one year and the part-time mode requires one half day of attendance per week for two years. The programme is taught on a ‘blended’ basis. This means that the duration of attendance is less than on traditionally taught programmes. Face-to-face teaching is supplemented by on-line discussions and students will be expected to dedicate additional time for this type of activity and for project work. This particular teaching/learning method has been developed to appeal to those students in full or part-time employment.

The part-time mode is recommended for all students in full-time employment or those with little or no existing experience in web design. The full-time mode should only be considered by students who are able to dedicate a minimum of 25 hours per week (in addition to attendance) to the programme.

Currently, the day of attendance is Wednesday. Term dates are published on the University website but the programme usually starts in the middle of September each year with induction days in the week before teaching begins. All students must attend the induction days. Term 1 runs through to mid-December (no half-term). Term 2 teaching begins in the second week of January and runs through to Easter. In total, there are 24 teaching weeks, 12 before Christmas (Term 1) and 12 after (Term 2). During the summer, full-time and part-time year 2 students continue to work on their Major Project, with online support and present their work in the first week of October.

The 2023-24 session begins on Monday, 18th September 2023 with a welcome event at 2pm and a full-day induction workshop on Wednesday, 20th September 2023. Term 1 teaching then commences on Wednesday, 27th September 2023. Dates for the 2024-25 academic year will be published when available.