MA Web Design + Content Planning

What you will learn

This programme helps you develop the skills needed to plan, design, build and promote websites to a professional standard using contemporary principles and techniques. Across six integrated, core modules, the programme covers three key areas of web design practice: technical, functional and aesthetic.


The technical area includes the three core front-end technologies; HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the key principles and philosophies which guide their use. These include, Web Standards, Content Out, One Web, Progressive Enhancement and Responsive Design. Relevant back-end technologies such as PHP and MySQL are also included. The programme also covers WordPress theme design and an introduction to other content management systems.


The functional area includes topics such as User Experience Design, Accessibility, Content Strategy, Information Architecture and Search Engine Optimisation. Such areas are not peripheral to web design. This programme takes a holistic approach, giving you a broad understanding of the web design industry.


The aesthetic area includes the principles of graphic design, including Layout, Composition, Typography, Colour, Identity and Branding. In each case, aesthetic principles are backed up with technical implementation.

Ultimately, the three fundamental areas of web design are indivisible, and this programme takes an integrated and balanced approach. Theory and practice are given equal weight.

Always up-to-date

Our core curriculum is revised every year to ensure it is as up-to-date as it can be. During the year, we will track contemporary trends to ensure that students are always aware of what’s happening in industry today and what’s headed our way tomorrow.

A recent external examiner’s report put it this way:

The programme team works hard, in an ongoing manner, to ensure that module content is regularly updated and fit for purpose. It’s important to stress that in this discipline area – one characterized by rapid change – this is no easy task and I believe the programme team are deserving of every credit for their hard work ensuring the course is up-to-date.

external examiner report, Oct 2018

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