MA Web Design + Content Planning

Study web design in London at the University of Greenwich

The MA Web Design & Content Planning course takes graduates from many disciplines and provides them with the hands-on skills necessary to plan, design, build and promote an effective website. The course is suitable for those who are considering a career in web design and development with a digital agency or who see their future in freelance web design.

Fourteen masters graduates in their academic gowns standing on the steps of the Old Royal Naval College.
Some of our 2022 graduates after the July 2023 award ceremony at the Old Royal Naval College.

There are many web design courses in London but the University of Greenwich is the only institution currently offering a post-graduate MA in this fast-evolving subject.

Flexible teaching mode

The timetable is designed to make it easy for those in full-time employment to attend the programme and students have the option of a full-time (one day per week) or part-time (one half day per week) mode of study. Although contact time is relatively short, you should be aware that there will be a substantial amount of course work, project work and reading to be completed in your own time.

Who are our students?

Typically, our students fall into four categories: those with web-related skills (often self-taught) who need a structured and balanced approach to further study; those who are already involved with Web technologies and need new skills to develop their current careers; those who have decided on a career change and see the Web as a new opportunity; those who have completed their undergraduate studies and want to specialise in Web. If you fall into any of the above categories, this course is for you.

We’re doing pretty well!

The course is highly flexible and responsive to student needs and aspirations. It manages to transform students who enter with few skills into highly employable individuals. It manages to deliver a range of technical, design and applied skills within an agile environment. There is clearly a strong and supportive relationship between staff and students which is maintained throughout the course.

external examiner report, Oct 2018

Need to know more?

If after reading through this website, you still have some questions about the MA Web Design & Content Planning course, please get in touch with David, the course leader, and he’ll do his best to answer your questions.