MA Web Design + Content Planning

User experience design

Assessed elements

This course includes a single assessed element, a written article in which you can demonstrate your understanding of the principles and techniques you have learned during the two workshops.

Project details



The quiz is composed of ten multi-choice questions, five from the first workshop and five from the second. In each case, the objective is to select one or more of the options given in answer to the question. You must correctly identify all correct options and none of the incorrect options to score 10 points. There is a maximum of 100 points available and you may try the quiz as many times as you like before the deadline. The quiz can be found on the module page on Moodle.

The quiz will close at the end of the day on Friday, 14th January 2022.

The quiz is weighted at 15% of the overall module mark. –>

Article: UXD and Me

This assessment gives you the opportunity to reflect on the processes and techniques covered in the two November workshops and to put your new understanding of UXD to good use.

Between the end of Term 1 and the start of Term 2, you will be finalising the details of your Major Project concept and preparing for the Planning stage, the first element of which is the Commodity crit. Many of the ideas covered in the workshops could be employed to define your approach to the various stages of the Major Project.

Effectively, this is a planning document where you can set out your proposals for how you will integrate User Experience Design into your project development workflow for the Major Project. It also gives you the opportunity to develop useful materials just before you will need them. For example, techniques such as user profiles, scenario development, and journey maps etc. are an excellent way to define your target audience and to work out how your proposed site will be used. You should use such materials as part of your Commodity presentation, so they will have an immediate use.

Also consider how UXD techniques may be used further on in your project. For example, during the testing and analysis phase of your project, you may want to ask friends to test your site and provide feedback. How will this be organised?

You are not limited only to those topics covered in the workshops, feel free to explore User Experience Design (or User Centred Design) to find the tools you may need in developing a robust, accessible, and inclusive approach to the design of your Major Project site.

Part-time, year one students should take the approach outlined above but apply it to the Small Business Website project.

Your article should be around 2,000 words in length (not including production materials such as user profiles). There is no penalty for going over the stated length. The article should be appropriately illustrated and include links to any resources cited in the text.

The article should be published on your WordPress blog/journal and linked to from your coursework homepage. Materials produced, such as user profiles, empathy maps etc., must be available as .PDF files and linked to from your article.

Your article should be made available on or before Friday, 13th January 2023.

Assessments will be based on your coverage of the subject, the relevance of the chosen techniques, and how well you have been able to synthesise UXD concepts and turn them into a plan for your project website.


Submission date: Friday, 13th January 2023