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Assessed elements

This module includes 2 assessed elements. Details of these elements are given below. Each of the elements has a slightly different weighting and this is indicative of the degree of difficulty and/or the amount of work required. The weighting is as follows:

Project outlines and full briefs (.pdf) are given below.


Three designed objects

For each week of this course, you will get a coursework sheet (.pdf) with details of the tasks to be completed before the following week. In most weeks, you are asked to do some contextual reading, to write and publish a blog entry and to progress your Three Designed Objects website. Additional details will be given during the taught sessions.


Work in progress review: weekly
Submission date: Friday, 11th November 2022


A four page website with one homepage and three internal pages (one for each object). Each page should include navigation that allows the user to link to any other of the four pages. The homepage is a general introduction/overview. Each object page must include the text description and at least one image of the object. You must link to the project homepage from your coursework homepage. Be sure to work through the checklist below before completing your submitted work.


These are the things you should do before submitting your work.

  1. Validate your code (both HTML and CSS).
  2. Ensure your code is lean, consistently formatted and clearly commented.
  3. Check that the semantics and structure of your HTML are logical and consistent. Pay special attention to heading levels.
  4. Optimise your images (file size, image size and image quality).
  5. Check your file and folder management – filenames and folder names should be descriptive, all lower case, no spaces. Folder structure should be logical.
  6. Check all your links and make sure navigation works as expected.
  7. Ensure the visual design shows attention to detail, especially typography. Think about font choice, line height, use of whitespace etc.
  8. Read the requirements above and ensure you have done everything you need to do before the submission deadline.

Small business website

You will design and produce a simple website for a small business concern. This project will give you the opportunity to implement some of the techniques and design ideas you have developed during the first part of the course. This project will be used to help demonstrate some of the issues involved with the development of small websites including: the design process, colour and typography, site structure and navigation, standards compliant and semantic coding. You will also need to consider your clients needs and the needs of their business. The full brief is given below.


Initial ideas and client meeting (roll play): 9th November 2022
Work in progress review: 7th December 2022
Interim crit: 18th January 2023
Submission date: Friday, 3rd Febuary 2023


  1. A website designed for a small business, in accordance with the project brief, and linked to from your coursework homepage.

Project briefs

Files in this section provide more detailed information on the assessed elements described above.

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