MA Web Design + Content Planning

Need to know

If you’ve applied, or are already registered on our MA (welcome!), there are a few aspects of study you should plan for. This is a fast-paced programme which will bring a lot of work—which in turn will bring brilliant outcomes if you come prepared and are fully onboard.

To get you ready, we’ve put together an outline of the various skills you’ll need to make the most of your time on the course. We would advise all our new students to prepare ahead of time (see Preparing for study for more information) — start your learning before the course begins and you’ll hit the ground running.

Practically speaking

Our sessions are organised in blended mode ~ meaning you’ll be doing your work in class (1 day per week), independently at home, and sometimes online. Do make sure to factor in the right amount of time for your study. While we’re only getting together for 1 day per week, your study time will reflect that of a full-time MA programme. Much of your time will be spent doing research, practicing newly learnt skills and generally diving in deep.

Some of this time will be your independent learning journey – some will be spent together, face-to-face and remotely online. However we interact on this course, we’ll be forming one big learning team ~ frequent communications via our preferred channels will foster good collaborations and project work. The following points will ensure you can participate fully.

You’ll need to…

Technical skills

The project work for this MA is both practical and technical. If you’re very new to working digitally and would need guidance in the general use of computers, please be aware that this MA is not likely to be suitable for you. The programme requires you to be a competent user of your chosen operating system, be confident to install new software and learn how to use it quite quickly.

Be ready to…

Team work & collaboration

You are entering a field which is forever-evolving, its related body of knowlegde is ever-growing. This is quite exciting as well as daunting. It means that we cannot rely merely on our course content or our own research—be that yours or ours—to learn. The best way to progress is by sharing our processes, our research findings and new and upcoming techniques and solutions. As a team, we’ll be learning from each other ~ which is why your participation in the collabrative conversation is not only welcome but required.

Be ready to…

Postgraduate learning

As your tutors, we will provide a level of support and guidance for your learning which is appropriate at MA level (Level 7). You are responsible for your own learning. Looking back at how our students fared in the past, we can tell you that a successful academic outcome is achieved by a positive, proactive, investigative and collaborative approach.

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